Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Staff at Camp

Our church decided to send a group of juniors
to camp this year.
We have three that fit the age group- ages 8-12.
They worked hard all spring to raise the money to go.  

We have never allowed our boys to do over night
activities or peer group activities
without us being there.
Because my fella was already giving up a week
of work to attend teen camp , he decided
 not to go to the junior age group.
We asked Jordan if he would mind going and keeping
an eye on his younger brothers.
We're SO thankful for an older brother who is a good example
and who we can trust do be responsible with watching them.

Brendan decided he wanted to work on staff the same week
Jordan and his younger brothers would be there.

He filled out the applications, our Pastor sent in a
required form and then had a phone interview with the camp director.
Pastor Krohn then told him he was hired.

This was a sacrifice for us in many ways.
My fella would lose his work partner for the week,
we had to drive him to the Pastor's church to get to the camp,
Brendan had to pay to work there but we felt it was
going to be a very good experience for him.

Brendan is more quiet in crowds. 
He's always had Jordan with him and Jordan tends to be more
out-going.  This would be good to be on his own and step out some.

The Sunday before camp started,  we drove out to the
church that runs the camp.
Brendan had to be there to ride with the rest of the staff to help
set up for camp.
After the church meeting, the group of teens going to camp
started gathering their belongings into  vans and were
all laughing and fooling around. 
They all know eachother.
We all watched as they loaded and I instantly wondered
how Brendan was feeling.
I began to fret inside worrying he was feeling
left out, feeling insecure, etc.
We said our good-byes and left him there.

My fella told me to stop fretting, he would be fine!

The next day our younger boys left with Jordan.
I sent my phone with Jordan and told him to call me when he got there.
I especially wanted to know how Brendan was doing.

Jordan didn't call until Thursday night!
Man,  I was wondering and wondering!!
He said Brendan seemed fine but doesn't seem him much.
He was working and helping with the games.

Brendan and his fella staff workers.

Friday morning the group was coming home.
Brendan originally planned on coming back with our juniors.
Early Friday morning Brendan called and asked to stay the weekend
with the staff and then would be there already for our teen week.

I was so pleased he was having such a good time!

When we all arrived at camp, I was so anxious to
 see my red head.
He was sitting with the staff eating lunch.
I ran over and gave him a huge hug and kiss.
He seemed so grown up!

Brendan had a wonderful time working with the staff and
actually preferred working than being a camper.

We plan on bringing him back to camp the last week so he can work
again there.  What a wonderful blessing to have another
outlet for our boys to be sharpened and be with
godly young people!

My Mother came the week so we could attend
teen camp with the teens from church.
She's such a wonderful Grandmother!
They had so much fun with her and made great memories!
I love you, Mom!!!
Many girls could not of gone to camp if it weren't for you!

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  1. What a sweet post. Brendan is growing into such a sweet, godly gentleman. :) Glad he had such a nice experience at camp!