Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hezekiah's Hands

My fella heard of a ministry called
Hezekiah's Hands.
One of his student's Grandfather is a part of it.
The ministry has volunteers that build,
paint, clean, etc for others in
Bradford County.

A few months back my husband contacted
them to see if they could help us.
Our dining area was getting pretty snug and we hoped
we could expand it some.

Jim Crawford and another Jim (his student's grandfather)
came and looked over our home.
Our project was put on their "to do" list.
I was SO excited of the possibility of a larger dining room!

Then in the beginning of June, Jim Crawford contacted
us and said Hezekiah's Hand's were down on volunteers.
Our project was going to be put on the wait list, possibly
getting to it in the fall.

That was fine.  We've always seen that God's timing is best!

Two Saturday's ago, I checked the email.
Jim wrote and said they were coming Monday (2 days later)
with a team to begin our project.
Boy, was that a change of plans!

That Monday began our project. 
The back porch and front porch were taken down.
Slowly the foundation has begun to take shape
over the last seven working days!

Today Jim and Jim are here laying bricks.
They hope to finish! 
Next the building will begin!

It's been such a wonderful experience.
So many people have given of their time and energy!
There have been at least 15 different people here.
The boys have learned so much as the men
take the time to teach them each step of the way.

The younger boys have gotten SO much extra attention
from the people.  Titus asks every morning
if Hezekiah's Hands are coming.

Mark and I have felt blessed again and again.
We have made some friends and
have seen God's blessing on our home!

We're so thankful for this ministry!

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