Friday, November 5, 2010

Rainy Day Thoughts

It must be the rain. 

I've been thinking and remembering different things today.

Little things are triggering my memories.

It started with these laying on the living room floor.

Oh!  Mrs Elliot's flowers!  I had picked them to take to her when she was in the hospital.  Because she was having complications, I couldn't go in and  see her so I set the flowers on the piano when I got home.  They dried so beautifully there.  The silly cat knocked them off in the night.
While I picked them up, I thought of her and her now sad, lonely husband!

Lord, be with Mr Elliot today!
Then while I was working on this

and listening to Luke read his lesson,
I started to hear this...

Ah, Moonlight Sonata.... my sister, Tonya had her bride's maids come down the aisle to this song. 
My little red head also came down the aisle to this song.  He was only 4 then.  I remember Brendan rubbing his belly button as he came down,, this was how he let out his nervousness!  It was so cute!

Hunter, Brendan and Jordan with my sister. Tonya's husband and his nieces and nephew.

Man, this seems like yesterday but it also seems like ages ago.

Now that little red head stands taller than his Mom and his older brother!

Life goes on so quickly.  So neat how sounds and things trigger so many thoughts. 


  1. Hard to believe Red is playing that song now! Time sure does fly. Had to laugh at the belly button thing: can't say I noticed that day. :) Wish I could hear him play Moonlight Sonata.
    Sorry for your friend Mr. Elliot. That's got to be so hard.

  2. That was good. Moonlight Sonata always makes me think of Tonya's wedding. Brendan was so cute. I love that picture of you and the boys all around you in blue shirts. Sounds are one of the things I miss the most of not having children in the home. And no one to play games with! Love you.

  3. I must ask, does he still do the thing with his belly button when he is nervous? I like this post. I like your knitting project too!

  4. No, he's grown out of it. I don't think he gets nervous now. :)

  5. Tammy- My husband used to play that on the piano - I will have to ask him to take out his sheet music, again!

    Beautiful words and post.

    Thank you for entering my jewelry giveaway. Hope you win the earrings this week!

    Best Wishes,