Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Floor Musings

Every afternoon, when the books are closed and the kitchen is closed (the few short minutes that happens each day!), I quickly grab a broom and sweep the kitchen and family/school room floors.  It's not a deep cleaning but a tidying up cleaning.  Funny, just having that little bit done, I feel relaxed about a clean house.

My Mom is a clean floor fanatic!  The joke was that during the Y2K talk, Mom was going to go crazy if she couldn't vaccum!  She was going to have to stock up on brooms, about 100 of them so her floors would be neat and clean! :)

After I get the edges and under the table in the kitchen, I sweep in front of the door.  You have to enter our home right into the kitchen.  Right now, leaves are constantly brought in and they can crumble and leave a big mess.  I laugh inside, as I sweep up the pile.  Mom is always amazed at how much I can sweep up in a day (or hour).  "I never get this much dirt all week", is always her comment.

From the kitchen, I head into the family room.  That is where the woodstove is.  That is burning right now so there is always another pile, right around the stove.  The wood pieces and ashes create so much dirt and mess!  When I sweep that pile up, I close my eyes to the dust flying from the dustpan!  If you could only see how much dusting that ALWAYS needs to be done!  Bad confession here, I only dust when we have company coming or it gets super bad.  About once a month :)   My boys could care less about a sparkling trinket so why bother!?!?! 

So funny, how just doing that little chore each day makes me think of Mom and the hard worker she is!  I'm so thankful for a godly Mother in my life! 


  1. Great post, Tammy. Good, Godly moms are hard to come by!

  2. That's soo funny! I always think of Mom when I sweep, too! Love her!!

  3. My Mom's house was ALWAYS SPOTLESS!!! I learned much from her. Each summer I spent the entire time with my Grandparents in the country. They had 6 or 7 children at home still and a few were around my age. My cousins also came. In Grandmas house everyone helped with cleanup after dinner. That was always what I picked to do because floors are my thing. I can't stand a dirty floor! My nickname became "Grandma's witch" because I ALWAYS had a broom in my hand.While I am VERY thankful for my Mother's influence as well and the hard worker she was as a single Mom my Grandma calling me her "little witch" will always stick:)

  4. This made me laugh so hard! Thanks for following. It's nice not to feel so alone about the amount of dirt and junk on my floors when I sweep! I look forward to checking out your blog more. Nice to meet another natural health advocate. Blessings to all those boys and YOU!

  5. Godly mothers are so wonderful! I am blessed with one too. Your post on sweeping was fun, I enjoy seeing the clean floor that results from sweeping too.

    I came over to visit as I noticed you had become a follower of my blog Proverbs 31 Living. Welcome!