Thursday, November 4, 2010

Liver Care

I wanted to make the tincture for my liver.  The article states all the important things your liver does.  Here are just a few: manufactures proteins, forming and secreting bile, absorbs vitamins A, D, E adn K.  It also eliminates the potenially harmful biochemical products produced by the body and detoxifies drugs, alcohol and environmental toxins.

As a child, I got strept throat often.  My parents (knowing no different) put me on antibiotics.  This happened just about every season!  I know my body has been damaged by all the antibiotics.  So I would like to build my liver back to good health. 

The article stated some side affects of an unhealthy liver, so if you're interested, I'd highly suggest reading it.  Also research what your liver does and it's importance to our well-being!

Our God is an awesome Creator!  Every part of our body works together to make a healthy body.  When one part is unhealthy or damaged, the other parts have to "pick up the slack" or function with a damaged "team mate". 

Here are some ways to help your liver:  eating nourishing and organic foods,  avoid chemicals, drink 8 cups of water a day, taking/eating  nourishing anti-oxidants, and using purifying herbs and foods.  Avoiding chemicals is a huge one!  Read the list of ingredients in most things we eat.  I heard it said, "If it's something our great grandparents wouldn't of used, we shouldn't be eating it."  There are so many chemical additives in everything!  Preservatives are put in tons so the shelf life is longer but it's killing our health!

I ordered the herbs listed in the article and they came in yesterday!  I'm so excited to make some tincture that will be used just to build my liver into good health!

The coconut oil is not for the tincture, just our household uses :)

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  1. Wow, eight boys! That's amazing. I only have three and they keep me jumping. I love this post on coconut oil. We buy it by the bucket too. Use it for everything. Have you ever heard of oil pulling? You should google it. It's very interesting. I've done it in the past but have kind of gotten lax about it.

    When my oldest child was little she would get strep throat all the time. Of course not knowing any better I would get her on antibiotics. Then after the millionth time I decided to forego the antibiotics and build her immunity naturally. She got through it and NEVER got strep again. Since then we have only used antibiotics only once and that was just a couple months ago when one of my older girls got a kidney infection. We'd never had kidney infections in our house before and it really threw me off guard. These days when any of the children begin to come down with something, even a toothache, I promptly begin them eating garlic. It's nasty but they do it. I tell them, just pop it in and chew fast, it will be over with soon!

    I'm going to read that article from your link. Thanks for sharing.