Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The New Job

A few years ago, another Mom with boys said this to me,
"If your boys are hard working boys, finding work won't be the problem.  Deciding which job to take will be.  Be sure to be very choosey and wise in your job choices."

This was many years ago and I can still hear it being said to me.

Three years ago, my Aunt Rosey built a home on "our" land.  The man who built it was a contact through Mark's school.  We trust this man. 
While he was up there (it's up the mountain from us.  Our home is build on a side of a big ole' hill) building, Jordan was there often watching and offering his help.

Many times later, Mark would run into this man in town and he would comment about hiring Jordan some day.
Mark saw him again this summer and he made the same comment.

Last night, the contractor called and asked if Jordan could work two hours every morning.  A house is going up right near us.  Mark  asked Jordan how he felt about it.  Today was Jordan's first day of work that wasn't by his Dad.  Ugh, time goes too quickly!

How proud I was to see him working with 4 other men this morning.  I still see the little boy who loved to throw rocks into the pond and throw the ball with his red headed brother. 

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