Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plants and Towels

How's your day going?
Here's a little about my morning.

My Pastor's wife gave me some plants last night 
at church.  She's a very giving person and she
also loves to garden, so when her plants need
thinning, she pots them up and gives
them to everyone at church.
She's a SUPER lady, I love her dearly!

It's a very cloudy morning so it was perfect
for getting some last plants into the ground.
It's going to rain tonight so they'll get some good water too.

My sister brought me some plants when she was here for 
Jordan's graduation so I also finally got them into the ground.

This is along the edge of my vegetable garden.
Whenever I plant in a new spot, I have a bucket
to gather all the rocks.
Our ground is very rocky.  These are all the rocks from the
spot where I put the bush.  I actually enjoy
picking all the rocks out, knowing that spot has that many less rocks
and better ground is developing!

This was my Mother's Day gift.
The fence around the garden and the gates.
I absolutely love it!
Isn't my fella grand?!?! 
He built the fences after he fenced in my garden.
I love the look and the security knowing our
guinnea can no longer dust bathe in my freshly planted rows
and critters can't feast in the early morning.

He got Silas to help him put on the latches with him.
Silas did a good job and did the last one by himself.

This is a normal sight outside these days.
The blue towels are my husband's window washing tools.
This has been a summer of change for his crew.
Jordan and Brendan were right by my fella's side when he got the 
business going.
Looking back, it's rather funny.  They were so young
but were so willing to help in any way they could.
Brendan did screens and Jordan did lower windows.
As the boys grew, so did the jobs
and business.

Hunter started going the last few years.
Now that Jordan is working full time for someone else, Hunter
has begun going regularly with Mark.
Today they're doing a big job!  Lots and lots of windows!
My fella, Brendan and Hunter. 
Eventually each of the boys will be by my fella's side, 
feeling the pride of a job well done, knowing their
hard work helps keep our family going.

Here's the peeps that we hatched in the incubator.
They're getting big.
How did your morning go today?

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  1. Don`t you hate when people just say stuff with out thinking! I like the fence looks real nice. We are going to put our new bed up tday and Rey is out digging a new fence to keep the dog in the yard, cozy day!