Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Trap

Today was a laid back Saturday.
We were all home most of the day together.
This evening, we were gathering cards
to play a game.
From somewhere, a mouse trap ended up
on the table.
Luke began setting and snapping it shut with
a pencil, card or other object.
Jordan challenged Luke to set it off with his finger.

"Watch, it's easy!"
Jordan said as he carefully set it off and
we watched nervously.

Luke reset it, with his older brothers challenging
him to touch it.
Luke would very cautiously start to touch it,
with them coaxing him to touch it.

it would go off with them yelling, "Chicken!"
as he set it off with his pencil again.

Jordan set it and touched it ever
so quickly again, making me get so nervous!

This would cause Luke to again, reset it and try to
muster up some courage.
I got so nervous watching Luke, I had to leave the room.

Boys are very strange creatures!
This to me was torture, yet the competitive
nature and being challenged by
your brothers was enough to
make you stick your finger onto a loaded trap.

Luke never set it off with his finger.
Maybe some time he'll be brave enough to
conquer the trap and then challenge
his younger brothers.

What fun memories we made as
we sat watching the antics, nervously
laughing at Luke!
There's a clown in every family, can you
guess who our's is???


  1. Ahahahaha!!! Love Luke's face!!! That made me laugh!!! :)

  2. I would be so tempted to tell them to stop even though I know that a little 'harmless' competition is good for them. I don't know how you do it!