Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scrap Metal

Jordan took a load of scrap metal down
to the scrap yard Saturday morning.

Our property is about 30 acres.  It's in the shape
of a rectangle, the longer sides being the back
of the land and along the road front.
Way out back, along the edge of the land
is tons of junk.
All kinds of trash!
Old shoes, bottles, tires, and lots of metal.
Washing machines, refrigerators, tons of
car pieces and even way up, on the top of the
hill in the corner of the land, is an old school

Jordan has been talking to his coworkers about
the scrap yard.  The men all gather
metal scraps for some extra money.
So he tried it this past Saturday. 

The scrap yard closed at 11:30am, and it
was 11 when he called, so he quickly loaded some brothers
 and headed down.
God is so good, the place is quite close by,
about 15 minutes away, on back roads.

When he got home, his younger brothers ran
inside, excited to tell us how much money
Jordan got! 
"He got a FIFTY dollar bill!"
They were so excited.
He actually got $56.
When Jordan came in, he opened my fella's
drawer in the kitchen and put the money inside.
I asked why he was putting it there.
He said it was Dad's since it's on his land.
My fella heard and told him to keep it, but he wouldn't.
So he kept the $6 for gas and we put
the rest of the money towards a mission's
trip the oldest two and my fella
are taking in January.

Well, this little trip, totaling $56 has stirred
up alot of commotion!
I can hear bangs of metal being thrown
around when I step outside.
Piles and wheel barrel loads of metal
are being pulled from the woods.

Stories of all that is found is excitedly told too!
Two car hoods, a Mustang hubcap, a
round washing machine, a huge ice
chest, car engines and tons of other metal objects.

Today Hunter had me take him down and bring
his finds to the scrap yard.
(This was NOT my thing, I could not back the trailor
up into this tiny spot where we were to unload!
Thankfully one of the workers did it for me.)
Hunter made $67 today.

Brendan is loading the trailor for the next
trip to be taken.
He's being a little more particular.
He's trying to find only aluminum, as you get more per
pound.  He checks with a magnet.

It's nice to have our land cleaned up
and a way for the boys to make some spending money.


  1. What productive boys!! Serves several purposes...cleaning your land, getting some money and actively using up that boy energy!!

  2. HAHA! Your land came with money on it:)

  3. Too fun!!! LOVE your stories!! :) Jordan is so sensitive! :)

  4. Whoa! It's amazing to know that you made money just by cleaning up your backyard. You proved the saying, “there's a money on the garbage”. You definitely hit two birds with one stone here. Hope you're doing this yearly at the very least. Thanks for sharing!

    Mike @ARScrapMetalBuyers.com