Thursday, August 11, 2011

What? Three for Lunch?

It seemed so strange.
I grabbed three plates and made three
peanut butter and jellies.
I got three glasses of water.
Cut up the apple into thirds.
Grabbed three handfuls of cherries.

Just the simple process of making
the lunches for three boys seemed,
well, odd!

Usually lunch time makes the kitchen
a hoppin' spot in the house.
The stove is going, frig is being raided and
there are many LOUD voices!

Today was so quiet as the three home
were outside all morning.
I put together their plates and set them
outside and called to
them that lunch was ready.

It seemed an exciting thing to have their
lunch made and set outside for them.
Usually they "fend for themselves". 
This term is used often, it means when I'm not preparing a meal
for them.  

Oh, the simple pleasures of a peaceful morning and lunch
Oops, just while I wrote that, the door flew open with
a shirtless boy yelling on the top of his lungs.
It WAS peaceful for 10 minutes.

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  1. Love it!! Welcome to my life...and I complain how busy I am...Yikes!! :S