Saturday, September 22, 2012

Overcoming Wreath Fears

For as long as we've lived in our home, we've
never had a front door.
The door we used all the time was out back and inside
the porch.
But once the front porch was enclosed and made
into our main entryway, a new
found pleasure was found.
Decorating the front door.
I began looking on Pinterest for different
autumn wreaths.
This totally intimidated me.
Flowers, fresh and fake scare me.  I've
never mastered the look of arranging them!
While out with a friend, I mentioned making a wreath
to her.  I knew she did NICE work on wreaths, as
I saw some of her wreaths.
We went to the local craft stores and picked out
the supplies I needed.  HOW MUCH FUN!
But I thought I had it made as we were going to
work on the wreath
Our schedules didn't work to get together this week.
I really wanted to get it done as I'm having some
ladies over Monday to sew and Bible study.
So I tackeld it today!
First I gathered my supplies and sent the boys
outside.  I wanted peace and quiet.
The first thing I did was to wire the garland of
leaves to the grape vine leave base.
So far it was pretty easy. 
I think I could do this!
I started to place the other fall decorations
on the wreath.
The two youngest boys and I went up the road
to a cemetary where there are tall pine trees.
We gathered some pinecones, but I also
had to buy some as there weren't enough.
Slowly I added more and more.
I really liked how it started to look.
Each time a boy would come in, they'd comment
how good it looked.
They really know how to make me more motivated!
Two hours later, it was done!
I just love it!
Stop in for a cup of tea.
Note:  The wreaths I was looking at were in
Hobby Lobby.  They ranged from
$50-199!  I had NO idea a wreath cost
that much.  The nice ones were not any better
than the one I made.
My supplies cost $25.  If you have
access to grapevine, you could save $5.
Thankyou, my friend, for the encouragement
and confidence you gave me,
  to try this project!


  1. It turned out so pretty!!! I knew you'd be a natural at it!

  2. So beautiful! You should make one for every season now.

  3. This is FANTASTIC!!! I'm pinning it. :) I'm embarrassed to post about my wreath now. :)

  4. Great job, Tammy. I love your new entry way.

  5. Your wreath is gorgeous!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. LOve it! You have motivated me to want to ,ake one.

  7. Wow, what a beautiful wreath! I love the addition of pine cones - it's the perfect finishing touch. Have a blessed evening!