Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthday Blessing

As my Birthday was approaching, I commented
that I would like to get a fish tank for our
new family room.
We've been working on the additions alot lately.
Tile flooring in the front entryway, new drywall
on the walls, mudding and painting.
The family room gets the most traffic. It's
the middle room that leads to all the other rooms
on the first floor.
The woodstove is in this room.
So, I would like to make this room more cozy
and comfortable.
I picture warm evenings by the stove, the
fire crackling and my boys quietly reading
(HAH!!  Maybe one of them quietly reading!!!)
Fish tanks are always so cozy to me.  Gurgling water and
the dim light in the tank.
My fella and boys were helping an older man move last month.
He had oodles of stuff and was down sizing into a
smaller place.
The boys were beginning to bring home
piles and piles of "treasures."
My sweet fella saw a treasure he knew I would enjoy.
While I was away at the lake, he set it up for me.
I was SO happy when I came home to it!
He had cleaned it out
and it was peacefully gurgling when I
walked into the room.
Last night, my younger guys all picked out
some fish for my gift!
What fun and coziness!!!
God is so good with the special things He gives His
children.  A hard working, thoughtful fella is SUCH
a wonderful blessing too!


  1. Oh, wow, Tammy!! It's so pretty :). You need a big comfy, overstuffed chair close-by so you can just sit and watch in the dark :).

  2. Love this!!! I've always loved fish tanks but we still don't have one . . .you reminded me that we wanted to get the boys some fish for Christmas :-) I've missed your posts . .. .